Are you invested in your health and constantly seeking new information on ways to make healthier life choices?

Are you interested in new technologies and trends that are going to change important aspects of people’s lives in the near future?

Do you enjoy the benefits of the herbs and medicinal plants that Mother Nature has to offer?

If you resonate with any of these questions, you probably know the importance of improving upon the quality of our lives and lifestyle habits by taking a new approach on how we use our knowledge and technology to minimize the negative impact on certain habits like smoking, for example, while still getting the most out of what plants and herbs have to offer.

Mankind has been using plants like tobacco and cannabis for thousands of years but we only now started to look more closely into how and if we are using them as intelligently and as efficiently as we can.

Smoking tobacco in the form of cigarettes is killing millions of people every year, all across the globe, while cannabis is still being demonized in a lot of places despite the fact that it is proven to have amazing medicinal proprieties.

Burning them has been the method of extraction of the active ingredients from these plants until recent times but in the last 2-3 decades something has changed. We’ve realized that by burning we not only release elements that we find helpful, but a whole lot of other toxins that are potentially extremely dangerous to our health.

Most of the diseases that are caused by smoking are actually the result of inhaling the smoke that contains carcinogens and other byproducts of combustion.

So, what would be the healthier alternative?

As it turns out there is a way to extract the beneficial elements, oils and flavors from these plants without combustion and it is called vaporizing.

What is vaporizing?

Vaporizing is the method of heating up dried plant material to temperatures that are much lower than combustion yet enough to release the active ingredients, essential oils and flavors without releasing the dangerous byproducts of burning.

By vaporizing the herb you inhale warm air infused with the precious elements of the plant in the form of vapor that looks similar in appearance to smoke and yet it is not.

This method is not only healthier, better tasting but also opens up a whole new world of plants that can be used responsibly.

People who grew to love vaping are using a great variety of herbs in their vaporizing sessions like: thyme, ginseng, chamomile, cannabis, tobacco etc. and are extremely forthcoming with stating that vaporizing is by far the most efficient and pleasurable ways of enjoying your herb.

Vaporizing has not only became a huge cultural trend among people who use these herbs for their medicinal properties but a new wave of lifestyle that is slowly pushing traditional combustion based smoking to the side.

What is a dry herb vaporizer?

A dry herb vaporizer is a device that heats up the dried plant material to a point where the active ingredients and essential oils are released and has an air path by which these ingredients can be inhaled. How it works is you take the dried herb, grind it and place it inside the vaporizers heating chamber. The majority of vaporizers give you the option to set the temperature to your own personal preference and once the device is warmed up it’s ready to use.

Smoking Devices Vaporizer India come in many shapes and sizes and offer a variety of different types of vaping experience but the two main options are desktop vaporizers that are bigger and require a power outlet and portable vaporizers that are much smaller and operate with a battery. Other variations may include the vaporizers that are compatible with wax and oil concentrates like hashish or prefilled oil cartridges like CBD oil for example, devices that can only be used for dry herb and the ones that are compatible with both dry herb and concentrates with the help of a wax pad insert placed into the heating chamber.  

In the last few years, the demand for easy to use portable smoking vaporizers has risen substantially making way for a new wave of technological advance in this area, hence Apollo’s AirVape X was born, the latest portable dry herb/concentrate vaporizer from Apollo Vaporizer.

Apollo Vaporizer is an American company well known and loved for its high quality vaporizers that is now opening its doors to new marketplaces outside of the U.S.

We at Apollo Vaporizer firmly believe that the world can and will be made a better place by creating high quality products that are tailored to the users specific needs while reducing health risks and enhance the experience of the user. Our main goal is bringing technological innovation and improved lifestyle options to as many people as we can.

Airvape X

The AirVape X

This amazing device was created with 3 main objectives in mind.

It had to showcase a stellar performance with a really fast warm up time while also giving the user a high quality experience by producing great tasting vapor. The second criteria was for it be incredibly portable, as small as possible while keeping it stylish as we believe that an elegant design is extremely important. At last but not least it had to be manufactured out of the highest grade of materials when it comes to the outside structure and also the technological core of the vaporizer.  It was our dream to create a vaporizer that goes above and beyond expectations with its incredible durability, performance and stylish appearance and with the AirVape X we managed to do exactly that.

We are proud to present to you a device that is compatible with both dry herbs and Oil concentrates that weighs only 90.7 grams with a thickness of just 12 mm.

When you lift the magnetic mouthpiece you access the ceramic, oval shaped heating chamber in which you can place your already grinded, dried herbs, snap the mouthpiece back on and click the power button three times to activate the unit. It takes only 20 seconds for the AirVape X to reach the temperature that you set to your personal liking (from 93 to 200 Celsius). When the desired temperature is reached, a discreet vibration will signal you that your herb is ready to be enjoyed. It is that simple.

The AirVape OM

The AirVape Om is the new generation of E Smoking Device in India for oil concentrates featuring a dual-coil atomizer and 2 additional changeable cover caps to fit disposable pre filled cartridges that are on the market today.

You can use the OM for a wide variety of Oil Concentrates like CBD Oil or Hash and there are 3 separate Voltage settings to vaporize at.

It is incredibly small and extremely efficient with a beautiful design, used at home or on the road as a keychain, the AirVape OM will definitely become an inseparable part of your everyday life.