The AirVape X is an elegantly designed, portable, dry herb vaporizer made with the highest grade of materials that is also compatible with wax and oil concentrates. What does that mean? It means that you can, not only, use the AirVape X to vaporize you favorite dry herbs like thyme, ginseng, chamomile, tobacco, cannabis etc., but with the help of a wax pad insert, you can vape CBD oils, hashish or any other concentrates that you like.

How does it work?

The AirVape X was voted the best portable vaporizer out 46 by the New York Times Publishing Company “The Wirecutter” and the reviewers were especially impressed with the how easy it is to use. The loading of the X is simple and clean while the temperature control is extremely convenient with no need for a phone app or any other device.

First time users will only have to check that the unit has enough charge and they’re ready to go. Make sure your herbs are grinded up evenly so that all the loos leaf pieces can get vaporized at the same time. For more flavor we recommend a finer grind but you can always move to a coarser grind when you find the flavor to be too strong. Packing the heating chamber is as easy as it can be. The mouthpiece of the unit is held in place very conveniently by magnets so it can be removed and snapped back on the device easily without the need of any other moving and potentially breakable parts. Once you remove the mouthpiece you’ll see the oval shaped, ceramic heating chamber of the AirVape X. Pack your dried and grinded herbs into the chamber lightly and snap the mouthpiece back in its place.

For oils and concentrates you will have to place the wax pad insert into the chamber and dab it with a couple of droplets of your preferred concentrate.  

To turn on the unit all you have to do is click the power button 3 times and you’ll see the AirVape logo appear on the screen. The AirVape X will automatically start heating up to a default 400°F. You can change the temperature anytime with the up/down buttons to any other value between 200°F and 428°F. You can change the temperature settings from Fahrenheit to Celsius by holding the power and the down button simultaneously.

After the unit is turned on it will take only 20 seconds for it to reach the desired temperature and it is ready to be enjoyed.  

The AirVape OM

When it comes to vaping concentrates there is no better alternative than the amazing AirVape OM. This portable, keychain vaporizer will be the perfect companion for your on-the-go experience. The AirVape OM is the new generation of vaporizers for oil concentrates like CBD oil, also perfect for vaporizing waxes like hashish, features a dual-coil atomizer and 2 additional changeable cover caps to fit disposable pre-filled cartridges. Extremely easy to use, by clicking the power button 5 times you can turn the unit on and with 3 clicks you can change the voltage from the highest (4.0v), medium (3.2v) to the lowest (2.4v) voltage setting. Once you introduced your cartridge into the device, press and hold the same button at the opposite end of the mouthpiece to activate it and inhale.